Our story

The SamyRoad founding team –a group of international passionate entrepreneurs with brand management experience– realized we all shared a Samy Spirit to reshape the marketing world as we knew it.

Samy for Brands was born with a very solid mission: we want to celebrate your brand. We want you to be able to deliver the best possible content to your audience. We want you to use our technology, know-how and data insights to create the most engaging campaigns with the best creators. Lastly, we want to support and give recognition to the top creators around the world.

You know our story now. We look forward to hearing yours.


I always knew there was a group of people out there that saw things the way I see them as a creative... SamyRoad is the bridge between creatives and business and it's good to know you have someone out there fighting for the things you believe in.

Dylon Burns



Together with the team at SamyRoad we’ve created meaningful content for key players in the fashion and beauty industries by putting together my vision as an artist with SamyRoad’s deep understanding of what brands need today




SamyRoad is disrupting the industry understanding the new media and with an in depth knowledge of the Millennials. Samy influencers create innovative solutions combined with technology that deliver an engaging and memorable content

Mena Benatar

Director Partner at BPM


An algorithm connecting you with the top influencers, bloggers and emerging stars who share your brand values

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Samy Media House

High quality content creation at scale. Create content with our worldwide network of filmmakers, photographers, designers, journalists, etc

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Samy Network

Authority and reach together. Amplify your brand message across the social channels of influencers who reach your target audience

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Samy Events

Highly conceptual experiences to engage communities offline

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Our work

There is a reason why our clients stay with us: our content performs up to 11 times better than previous campaigns. Why? Because we help our clients create campaigns that trend and that are produced by the right passionate creators who understand the audience. Dive into the engaging content SamyRoad has created for our clients:


Scouting of influencers, production of branded content & affinity distribution

  • x11 Engagement
  • 1.5M Reach

Sony Pictures

Definition of online communication strategy & scouting of influencers

  • 30M Impressions
  • 960K Estimated reach


Conceptualization, scouting of influencers & production of branded content

  • 100K Organic Impacts
  • 80% Sales driven


Whether you are a Brand willing to try something new or a creator willing to showcase your talent to the world, drop us a line. Can’t wait to hear from you!