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1. Loewe

Anónimo 7

Sourcing top film production talent from Samy Media House + Identification of Top Influencers through ShineBuzz + Branded Content production







“Professionalism, creativity and passion... These are the attributes that define Samy and his entire team. Since the very beginning, the involvement with the project with the brand was thorough, assimilating and understanding all the internal processes of the brand, adapting to our philosophy, and more importantly, providing a human and creative capital very valuable. They have been our partner in the design of an entire digital campaign that it has more than fulfilled the expectations. We are confident that they have been the key to the success of our launch 7 Loewe Anonymous and they will be part of many more successes!”

Zahara Manchado García

Global PR & Communications Director PERFUMES LOEWE

2. Try The World


Sourcing top film production talent from SamyMediaHouse + Identification of one lifestyle influencer through Shine Buzz + production of branded content


better CTR than prior paid content.


branded content piece by SMH

“The process was very good. From the creative process to the review process, getting to the result was very easy. We’ve done video with other people, and the process was not easy. The quality of the video is awesome, no questions there. We saw a 26% increase in CTR.”

Vincent Bourzeix



DKNY Original

Branded video activation and ambassador plan with spokespeople linked to brand equity and values




Earned media value


total views

Best practice case of the region Estee Lauder 2016

“The Samyroad team understood form the very beginning the brand heritage and positioning and has worked as a real partner to develop a creative and original campaign with flexibility and understanding of the brands needs. Their passion, creativity and quality of the final result are the three main attributes I’d highlight. Im sure we will work soon on future campaigns”

Virginia Lázaro


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